Creekside Community Church in Midlothian, Texas

I have been visiting different congregations in my home town of Midlothian, Texas. Sunday I worshipped with the Creekside Community Church.

Here are my impressions:

The congregation started to welcome me in the parking lot. Everyone I met smiled, introduced himself or herself and made sure I had an easy time finding my way to the Welcome Center in front of the Worship Center.

When one person got me where I needed to be they did not just leave me. Instead, each one made sure to introduce me to another church member, who began to give me more information about worship times and how to correctly prepare for Communion, which they take at each meeting.

The Worship Center was clean, open and inviting.

The Worship Service began on time with some really good music worship.

The congregation was made up of all ages. The Worship Center was more than half full, which spoke well for them, since I chose to attend the 9:30 am Worship Hour on a summer Sunday morning.

The Worship Hour itself was well organized. The presenters did not stray from the purpose of worship, which I think is important.

At the end of the Worship Hour several people made sure to speak to me on my way out of the building. If they were a business, I would say Creekside Community Church has Customer Service down to a T. This does not happen by accident. The people who welcomed me coming and going are obviously trained to do the job right and are not afraid to work.

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