Crime Controls Twenty-Five Per Cent of World Sports

A highly placed source among world sports anti-doping agencies says 25% of world sports is controlled by organized crime. Billions change hands each year because of the association of sports and criminals.

So, if you are betting on professional sports (and millions do) you are betting against the house. Seek help.

As a sports official on court and field, I can tell you, no one would ever have to bribe a player to fix a game or stay within a betting line. It has been done, certainly, but the easiest way would be to get to one on field official. In most games, three calls in a half would suffice to tip the game one way or another. And it has been done. Not by me, of course, but I have worked on field or court with other persons (assigned to me or I to them) who made calls at key points in games that I cannot explain. No amount of replay explains what they saw. Even leaving room for actual error, I have to stick with my original contention; get to a referee or umpire and you have the game in the bag.

Think about it before you call your bookie. Remember the parents in Florida who got arrested for betting on their children’s pee-wee league football games. Their kids were eight years old. Parents had an illegal pool going before games. They got ratted out when one dad bet against his son’s team and then held his son out of the game. As his son was the star of the team, the odds tilted in favor of his bets. He cleaned up.

This is a sickness, friends. Stay out of the betting part.

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