Cruz Gone; Manziel Under Investigation. What is the World Coming To?

Slugger Nellie Cruz is now under suspension for the rest of the 2013 regular season for violation of MLB drug policies.

Aggie QB Johnny (Football) Manziel is now under NCAA scrutiny for allegedly selling his autograph to adoring fans.

What is the world coming to? One cannot read the sports page these days without an attorney present. Money, with all its attendant evils, has captured the day. You will not see Nellie Cruz in a Ranger uniform until the playoffs, if the Rangers get there without him. The penalty for what Manziel allegedly might have done could be as much as suspension as well. What will the Aggies look like without him?

Oh, woe is me. I am undone.

Oh, for the days when Major Leaguers trained on beef steak and college boys made extra money painting the shady side of a campus fence. C’est la guerre.

1 thought on “Cruz Gone; Manziel Under Investigation. What is the World Coming To?”

  1. Sad day for Yankees fan like myself who grew up watching Mantle and Maris and Yogi and Whitey Ford. Even sadder day when Arod decides to appeal and is in uniform tonight…..just sayin…

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