Dallas Willard Has Died, Aged 77

This site will go dark for the rest of this week to mourn the loss of Dr. Dallas Willard.

Dallas would cringe at such a statement.

Dallas came to an evangelism meeting I led while at the BGCT. Two of us met him at the airport to convey him to his hotel.

I was dithering, calling him Doctor and the like. He smiled patiently and waited for me to regain myself.

“Please call me Dallas, not Doctor,” he said and smiled.

The deepest thinker and greatest Christian writer of our time wanted all to call him Dallas.

“We are just servants, after all,” he said.

I had by then read all he had written. He was a genius.

He never asked me for money. He did not even want to know if I paid expenses. He had his assistant (his daughter) call me to confirm booking. He made himself fully available to all who wanted to talk with him. Most were scared. We should not have been.

Dallas Willard was the real deal.

We deeply grieve the absence of this great man.

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