David Hardage

   A few will remember I asked David Hardage to speak at one of the TEC annual gatherings when I was Evangelism Director of the BGCT. Or, I should say, when I held the title.

   David graciously consented and did his usual solid job. He is not flamboyant. 

   What he did not do was ask what I could or would pay him, how many of his retainers might have some expense money for coming with him. His sweet wife accompanied him. I do not remember many other wives accompanying their speaker husbands in the five years I swung in that gale. 

   My impression is that David is a decent, solid man, who can be trusted. He preached supply for me during my previous pastorate. We are not best friends. I would not tag him with that label, for fear of the damage it might cause him. He is a fellow who comes when called and comes to help. He is a person I admire.

   Tom Billings was my candidate. I made no secret about it. David should call Tom early on and ask him for his help in remaking the convention. 


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