David Hardage, Beware!

   David, apparently you are a compatriot of Satan. I had not noticed.

   According to some you spent a great deal of time sitting with David Currie,  voting the party line at TBC meetings. I did not see you at any of those meetings, though I was at most of the them for the longest time. Or, perhaps you suddenly grew closer to the machine after I left. Either way, beware. 

   According to at least one commenter you once voted for the BGCT to leave the SBC, or at least spoke for it, or perhaps thought about it really loudly. Either way, beware.

   You could end up leading the group like Charles Wade, who wanted us (I was one of you then) to be well armed but obsequious. Or, you could be like Currie's group, who wanted us to be poorly armed but abrasive. Either way, you could end up doing what  both of those fellows did; make enemies out of friends and neutrals. 

   Beware, David Hardage, beware.


Author's Note: My purpose for writing about David Hardage is simply this: I want to know he gets a fair chance. A commenter at another blog (ok, over at the Panda) says David Hardage was an old Texas Baptists Committed hard-hat and that Hardage insisted the BGCT leave the SBC. I do not remember it that way. I hope Hardage gets a fair chance to state his case. At least, it should be stated by those who felt led to call him. 

   There is no substance to the assertion, "I have no dog in that hunt." There are things we care about more than others but all of us ought to care about right and wrong all the time. This does not mean we need to occupy town center but we ought to care about those who do and why they do it. We need not spend all our time dealing with the deposed leaders of the old BGCT, whose influence waned because of spiritual bankruptcy and managerial incompetence. We can usefully look at those who might occupy the empty spots and possibly slow the deterioration of the organization, for the sake of whatever small good it might still do.

Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

3 thoughts on “David Hardage, Beware!”

  1. I don’t remember seeing him either. However, that does not mean a thing.
    Still the silence on this issue is deafening!

  2. I just want him to get a fair hearing. If he is a TBC guy, someone should come out and say so. He should not be put in place under false pretenses, or kept out because someone wants to smear him.
    If he ever stood up publicly, or said privately, that he wants the BGCT to leave the SBC, that should be known as well. Personally, I think he is too smart and solid to have ever done such a thing. He is not particularly dynamic but he is a decent person. He is neither a buffoon or a clown and that would be an improvement.

  3. Still wonder why he was overlooked in favor of Everett the last time around?
    In the spirit of HolyAgnostic:
    Just askin’

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