David Hardage to be BGCT Executive Director

   The Executive Board was informed by its Search Committee today that their nominee would be David Hardage. David has been a Texas pastor, an associational director and, most recently, a fund raiser of Truett Seminary. His nomination indicates to me the committee feels a need to have someone who can raise money outside the budget, who can reestablish some ties with local associations and who has been a pastor of a good sized church.

   I do know David. He is a good person with a strong family. If approved, he will have to do a job akin to Reconstruction. I wish him well.


Opinions expressed here are mine alone.

2 thoughts on “David Hardage to be BGCT Executive Director”

  1. Once again you show your gracious side.
    Reconstruction would be a breeze compared to the upper leadership this guy will face. I wonder what promises he made to get the job.
    He does not have a chance against those make their living pretending to efficient while camouflaging their incompetence and are seasoned bureaucratic warriors skilled at passing the blame and protecting their plate.
    But then again, that is probably why he got the job.

  2. David was my DMin supervisor some years ago. I enjoyed my time with him greatly. Just saw him last Friday nite at Waco ISD Stadium. He really is a good guy who did a good job in his church work. I can’t and won’t disagree totally with David M. but can only hope David H. has eyes wide open. I don’t claim to know as much about the issues as most but I cannot imagine him taking job without knowing what he can/cannot do. I wish him well and will give him time to move forward.

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