Debate, The Second

 Apparently, Mr. Obama does want to keep his job. Or, at least, he did last night.

On points, Mr. Obama won the Town Hall Debate, according to people who score these things. He also won the polls conducted after Debate II, with about a 7 point edge.

Except, Mr. Romney scored higher with voters on matters of the economy. And this will be an economic election, since all of them are, and since this election comes in tough times.

So, Mr. Obama “won” a debate but Mr. Romney “won” on the core issues important to voters in this election. So, who actually won?

As has been evident for some time, neither candidate connects with voters well enough to garner a majority, let alone a mandate. There is scarcely a scintilla of divergence between the announced policies of each man. When pressed, they both just insist they will do their work better than the other fellow, though neither one seems to know how.

One reviewer characterized this campaign as one between two really dull Harvard lawyers. One is a professor, the other is a number-crunching businessperson. The Campus meets the Chamber of Commerce, No-Doz passed out at the door at entry.

Early voting starts Monday, October 22 in Texas. I will be waiting at the polling place to exercise the franchise. Then I will hurry down to the Church House to begin my repentance. I hope absolution will one day be granted.


Opinions here are mine alone.

4 thoughts on “Debate, The Second”

  1. Your observations and opinions are certainty interesting, but I’m not sure what debate you actually watched. Mr. Romney was the clear winner of this one, as well as the last debate. I’m sure you must get a lot of your information about the policy’s Mr. Romney is proposing from NPR, because if you were to actually read his complete plan outlined on his web site, you would have facts on your side. Mr. Obama has no plan, therefore has not earned, nor deserves , a second term of the same ultra progressive, far left liberal Woodrow Wilson, FDR, LBJ and Keynesian policies. Men are to depend on GOD for sustenance and survival, not unconstitutional over reaching Government policies.

  2. There is a new way of scoring the debates. One must score the moderator’s performance now that moderators are publicly talking about how they plan to insert themselves into the process prior to the debates. I would be more comfortable if the moderators tried their best to make themselves as small a part of the process as possible. But, it is such an honor to be asked to moderate, some of these folks can’t resist the limelight.

  3. What debate were you watching? It was anything but boring. It was very exciting and interesting to see how each candidate addressed the questions from the audience and then to see and hear the other candidate’s response. Don’t forget that each word is being critiqued by the other side, the media and the audience!

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