Dems are Dead. Is the GOP Next?

As we settle in to the Election Cycle of 2020, there is one very glaring fact both sides must accept. Here is that fact. There will not be a candidate from the Democrat party.

The Socialist Party will nominate one of the two major party candidates. The Democrat Party, the one that gave us the first African American POTUS and the first female major party candidate for POTUS (both centrists, by the way) no longer exists. In one four year cycle, pushed there by a POTUS who simply defies all the old tropes (Mr. Trump) the once proud Democrat party has moved to the left of Bernie in order to have a constituency at all.

All the candidates on stage at one Democrat debate committed themselves to open borders and government run healthcare for all. No one wants to be the centrist in this pack. They don’t dare.

Socialists will nominate one of the major party candidates in the 2020 election. No one should doubt this fact.

Nor is this the election cycle of olden times. Back in the day, I say, when I was a boy, the Democrats ran from the Left and governed from the Center. The Republicans ran from the Right and governed from the Center. From time to time a Dixiecrat or some other Third Party or One Issue candidate would emerge from one of the major parties to make their issue known or their ego visible or to move their major party to the Left or Right of Center. Each time the Third Party or One Issue Party virtually guaranteed their old party would lose one or two major election cycles.

This new arrangement is not like the old days. This is mostly because the candidate they will run against, Mr. Trump, is not like anyone else. He is the first to master Identity Politics and turn it in his favor. He identifies his opponents, like Crooked Hillary, Little Mario, Low Energy Jeb, and then guts them. He uses free mass media to go over the heads of the old mainstream media and laughs hilariously when they go ballistic, knowing he is better at this game than they.

Yes, there are other reasons why the Socialists are replacing the old Democrats. I have identified at least three other reasons and I will get to them in time.

Today, I think, on a Friday, it is enough to say, “Be warned. The same kind of Old Time Socialism that has failed everywhere else it has been tried, is coming to your television sets, your caucuses and primaries. In point of fact, it may lose every caucus and disappear from the primaries, but this is an established fact now. The Socialist Party will nominate one of the major party candidates for POTUS in 2020.”

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