Dr. Todd Littleton and His Website

This week my friend Dr. Todd Littleton was kind enough to put up an interview with me on his website. We spent an hour discussing the ministry of Chains of Grace. You can find his website under his name, Dt. Todd Littleton, or at patheological: A podcast for the pastor-theologian.

Patheological Website

Our Podcast Link

The title may sound a bit heavier than the common popular podcasts, but Todd has carved out a helpful niche for his influence. I think most people would find some good in his interviews with various religious thinkers.

I truly appreciate the opportunity afforded me by Dr. Todd Littleton to spend an hour with his large audience. When you go by his site to hear our Chains of Grace interview, take five minutes to sign up for notifications for each podcast. You will find many of them worth a listen. I do.

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