Durable Sin

Durable sin can exist because there is great spiritual value in everyday life. We live in a spiritual realm we mostly ignore because our body senses heat and cold, our bellies feel hunger, our skin wants covering. A disaster like a hurricane, a tsunami, a tornado or an atrocity like the Holocaust, the Boston Marathon bombing, the Cambodian genocide, makes us turn to the spirit world for enlightenment or instruction.

We may soon drop back into physical exertions but we still live in the spiritual realm, where good and evil meet to form our ethics. God waits there to see what our religion will be.

I have said before in this series, our religion is the point where our belief meets with our unbelief. This is true of revealed religion for all revealed religion must be received to be effective. I did not say revealed religion has to be received (believed) to be true, only effective. No devotee of revealed religion preaches his religion is effective apart from human reception. Belief, faith, action; call it what you will. The religion of your God is true without you but ineffective for you apart from you.

I do not mean, by saying that God’s truth is true apart from you but only effective in union with you, as if to imply you are not bound by religious truth. God makes the sun to shine on the just and the unjust but one day the sun will not shine and it will be God’s doing. Time is not eternal, nor the conditions that create measurable time but the God who makes time measurable and so extant is eternal and effective. God’s ways are best. They are best because they are of God and so they are the best way to be blessed.

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