Durable Sin, the Prophetic Word and Grace

Christian Sports Teams are the worst. No, not in quality of play, thought that is sometimes not really good.

Sportsmanship. Christian Sports Teams are the worst.

No, not all of them. I have done numerous games at Ovilla Christian School in basketball. Those people are routinely kind and decent. I have yet to have a  bad game there.

That is about it.

Christians should either stop playing sports or stop acting like you do. Stop it. Cursing, threatening, assaulting referees; stop it. No, really stop it right now and do not start again.

You make us all look silly when you curse the referees and then ask them to pray with you after the game. Not cool.

We all want to “grace” each other, but xaris is a noun, not a verb. You must have grace to demonstrate grace and it is not best displayed with a twisted face. Really.

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