Election 2020

We are already (incessantly, it seems) in another election year. The national election of 2020 has one GOP candidate and, apparently, an inexhaustible supply of Socialist Democrat candidates. The GOP candidate is constantly attacked by the Socialist Democrat candidates. The Socialist Democrat candidates are, in turn, attacked by, well, other Social Democrats.

To wit, Mr. Joe Biden, former VP under President Obama and one of the most consistent plagiarists. has been outed as a racist by none other than Senator Kamala Harris, D-California and Senator Cory Booker, D-New Jersey. Both went out of their way to say they do not think Mr. Biden is a racist, then proceeded to call him a racist.

Then, today, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocassio Cortez, D-NY has announced Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi-D-California is “singling out women of her age in Congress because of their race.

What in the name of Harry S. Truman is going on here?

Am I to believe our Socialist Democrat politicians are not as squeaky clean as I had once thought? The 2020 race is going to be very dirty if the candidates from one party spend their time attacking one another.


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