Eva Cassidy…

…was this super-talented, soulsy, bluesy Christian girl who sang a lot up in the Blues Alley in Dallas, Texas. She covered some old songs, wrote some new songs, burned a couple of nice CD’s and then was gone, in her early thirties. The “world” discovered her when she was gone, other CD’s dropped and her music enjoyed a rebirth after her untimely death.

Every note of her Songbird CD quietly, and with great dignity, puts the soul at risk. She takes her listeners outside the body, away from the mind, deep into the territory where the soul is queen. I listen to it compulsively but only when trees surrender their leafy jacket, so that browns and yellows cut swiftly across the soon dying grass. Don’t listen to her when summer’s blast furnace takes away your breath, or when a busy spring pushes you out of your slumber.

But, in the fall, there is no one better to help you think. Nothing in life matters as much as music and poetry. She is the muse you need when pumpkins sprout, when school children clatter down the sidewalk home and the home nesters turn to hang their green boughs inside, near the hearth, but far enough from open flames.

Eva will help you decide. If you listen to her and decide you will be able to explain yourself; to God, to others, maybe even to yourself.



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