The dissemination of good news is the work of the evangelist. Who does not like good news?

   The most significant problem with good news is that it is not always believed. If something sounds too good to be true, the saying goes, it must be too good to be true.

   So good news cannot just be a parable of happy tidings. There must be something attractive to the good news. By attractive, I mean aesthetically pleasing.

   The ugliest guy I ever met looked better when he smiled. His smile lifted his features. His features were no less plain when lifted but the smile lifted and the lifting lit his face.

   He made the effort.

   I start conversations with people naturally. One of my grand-daughters, after a day of running around with Pa-Pa (that's me) asked my other grand-daughter, "Does Pa-Pa know everybody in the whole wide world?" I am not lovely but you can make up for that by being loving. I am genuinely interested in other people; not so much in their business as in their story.

   Everyone has a story.

   If you want to warm up your cold call, smile to lift your features. A cold call is not necessarily a knock on someone's front door. It can be a quiet conversation with someone at coffee; someone you never knew before in your life. People walk up to me and start talking about their lives.

   They tell their story. It is not far from there to God.

   Talk about six degrees of separation, let me tell you, no one is even six degrees separated from God. People think about God all the time; aesthetics call people to God, exertion calls people to God, all things call people to God. It is not very far from that guy over there in the corner booth to the throne room of God.

   Infinity calls men to God because it is incomprehensible without God.

   No thinking being could possibly think we just got here and we just check out after 80 years.

   Christian evangelism, then, actually depends on aesthetics to explain the infinite. We manage, somehow, to pull God down to our level, to make God limiting, dangerous and rather plain. In fact, God is love, corrective wrath, forgiveness, purity, mercy. Against such there is no law.

   The beauty of the gospel is peace and reconciliation. It is thirst quenching, warmth giving, a cooling breeze, belly filling. It is irresistible if it is grace and grace is gracious.

   God is close to the redneck in the next booth, turning the air blue with coarse language. God is not far from cleansing this redneck with pure blood to make him white as snow.

   You remember snow, don't you?

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