Evangelism from Evangelist Rick Davis

   I have sat down to read, study and write this week. Instead, God has directed various friends and new acquaintances to me for conversations. Howard, Amanda, Rufus, Brian, Dalton, Hongo, a Boar, a dozen others. It is a week of conversations, some, I hope, leading ultimately to discipleships, including my own.

   The medical front has seen some progress this week as well. I saw yet another series of specialists on Monday. I am waiting on a call back from one today to set a date for a surgery that will relieve some of the pressure. It is not my intention to spend my time crying about the way things have gone. I am  going to submit to this very minor surgery to improve the quality of my life I have. 

   Please know that my life is very good. My intention is to come all the way back, so much as a fellow of nearly 57 can do. 

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  1. We are praying for you and praying for great success in the surgical procedure(s). I hope your recovery does indeed allow you to feel even better. May the Presence of God be felt by you and your sweet family every day! I sincerely mean it when I say “I will pray for you!”

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