Faith Atchley, All American

 Beloved grand-daughter Faith Atchley, All-American, was leading scorer/rebounder/assist maker in her team’s recent 16-9  victory over an Amazon team from Covenant School. Faith finished with six points, ten rebounds and three assists. She plays point guard. She also mixed in six steals on defense, though in the Christian Private School world, steals are actually called “Retrievals.”

On one play, Faith caught a defensive rebound, dribbled the length of the court with her right hand, was met at the top of the key by no less than three members of the opposing team, crossed over left while facing up, beat the triple team and hit a left handed floater at the foul line extended while being fouled. I would call her “L’il Kobe” but that is not fair to Big Kobe.

Amazing. Just amazing.

She is, after all, all of eleven years old.

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  1. And you, Oh Wise Sage, are not prejudiced in this matter at all. I know, because I posted a similar post on Facebook yesterday w/r/t my 15 y/o granddaughter and her NBA-worthy exploits on the court two nights previous. I too am unprejudiced w/r/t this matter.

    The Skaggs’ wish you the Merriest of Christmases and that all of your refereeing includes many full-court passes so that you do not have to run as far on those plays.


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