Family Advice or “Where Did the Blog Go?”

   I have spent a lot of time lately writing in three journals. I have four children and each of them is to receive a journal from me prior to my death, to be opened only after my death. It is part of the bucket list thing. I started them years ago.

   Obviously, I have also been somewhat slothful in the writing. My daughter has hers because she gave me a Dad-Daughter journal. I took one year to finish it and gave it to her at Christmas. She says she has read and re-read it. I hope so.

   If time permits I will also journal one for each of the in-law kids; Larry, Crystal, Stephanie and the newest one, Caitlyn Louise Moon-Davis. If I have time, there are also four grandchildren (and who knows how many more?)

   It takes time and effort but it is worth the work. I have to take some of my blogging time, since I still write sermons and studies each week, and have to do the usual administration that is part of a pastor's life.

  Perhaps you would not wish to do a journal but I would urge you to do one for each of your children, at least. It is a daily, stream of consciousness, the kind that allows you to show your child the inner Daddy. 

   It just takes time.

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