Father’s Week

I think this coming Sunday is Father’s Day because my kids keep asking me what I want. I don’t want anything because I really do not need anything, but it is still nice to hear them ask.

This week at this site will be Father’s Week. I intend to post each day on some topic having to do with being a father. Please let me tell us why we I think we need to know what I will spend the week sharing with us.

In our Chains of Grace Ministry, we receive hundreds of applications from men and women who want to enter our ministry, for one reason or another. We have a six page application for each aspirant to complete for us and each one must complete it themselves, with no one answering for them. We insist on complete and total honesty, by which we mean we verify everything on the application.

Now, we never divulge names here or anywhere else. We speak of our registrants only in the most general explanations possible. Anonymity and confidentiality are vital to building trust.

With that said, I have noticed that our many registrants almost all have one thing in common. They had no relationship with their father, or, if they had a relationship with their father, it was not a good or close relationship.

Fathers matter.

Your relationship with your father matters.

You can make choices to help overcome an absentee or adversarial relationship with your father. If your father is present and helpful, such that you do not have to overcome poor paternal parenting, you are ahead of the game.

So, this week, Father’s Week on www.rickddavis.com, we are going to spend some time with fathering issues. Let me tip my hand early on this one. When someone uses the word “mothering” to us, as in “she mothered me,” we imply a lifetime of nurture and provision. When we say “fathering” we imply nothing more than a one time act of procreation.

This narrative has to change if we intend to empty the jails and close the prisons.

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