We are now two full months into the Corona virus. Quarantines, shortages and rising infection totals are a daily fact of life.

We are a bit weary of it all. Medical and emergency responders are beyond weary.

And, we have about used up our litany of cliches about fear. Let us dispel some of the Fear Clouds, shall we.

We have more to fear than fear itself. Thousands of our countrymen and women have suffered from this virus. Persons of all age groups have contracted the virus, suffered and died. This is not a dream, or an illusion.

We have an imported virus able to infect and to kill. Face it, deal with it.

Apparently, while it is a widespread illness, it is not a hardy one. Simple acts like handwashing and maintaining social distance can slow its spread.

We may already have some medical treatments for this virus. A Z pack and some antimalarials may be effective therapies against the Corona 19.

Our shortages of basic supplies are the direct result of fear buying. Suppliers are on TV and online daily telling us there is no shortage of food of water or paper products except when and where a number of people buy ten times what they might need. Calm down.

The fact that some persons saw a chance to profit with their purchases by reselling their prizes to other frightened people is shameful on the part of the profiteers and the panicked public.

Perhaps we should add this saying to our list of cliches about fear. We might say, “There is no crisis so terrible that unreasonable fear cannot make it worse.”

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  1. Excellent word, Dr. D. I am “weary” of the grim reapers. Trust God and His presence in our daily walk . . . do what the CDC and the WH says to do . . . and be patient. Slow down and enjoy some rest. I pray God will smash this soon. It would be fine with me if He came back today . . .

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