Feed the Beast, Forget the Truth

   President Obama was saying, "If you are successful, you did not do it alone. There were parents, teachers and coaches who pushed you." He could have mentioned preachers, peers and angels in abundance.

   Mr. Romney wa asked about London's readiness for the 2012 Olympics. He nodded, smiled, said he found a few thing" disconcerting." That was the end of the interview, as far as we hear from the media and the Obama campaign.

   The 2012 Presidential campaign is already the most negative in history. This campaign will be the most expensive in history by the time it is done. You and and I surely did not build that bridge, which has been constructed by a handful of persons who control a disproportionate amount of wealth. The billioniare givers, in my opinion, are not paying these enormous sums out of the goodness of their hearts. Money, we are told, is speech, and these super wealthy people are screaming.

   Negative advertising tends to suppress voter turnout. Apparently, neither candidate is much concerned about your opinion, since they continue to savage their opponent without much regard for truth and no regard for nuanced thought. In the end, many Americans may just stay home on election day, voting for someone named Neither.

   And this is sad. The last non-negative American Presidential campaign was run by Ronald Reagan in 1980. He just kept pointing at Jimmy Carter's record and announcing what he would do differently. The American people must have been smarter then.

   Now, a few billionaires write huge checks. The excellent smear campaigners for each candidate (and they are the absolute best I have seen in my long life time) pick a sentence or a word out of context, set it to music and off we go. Hilarity ensues.

   Amazingly, the GOP middle roaders aka Establishment Republicans, now feel they need to turn their guns on the Tea Party, anti-Establishment members of their own party. Dick Cheney called Sarah Palin's 2008 Vice-Presidential nomination a "mistake," during the month of July in the dog days of a Presidential campaign in which his party, the GOP, is not an assured winner. Mr. McCain and others have tried to quiet Michelle Bachman. The GOP, in fact, appears ready to sunder into two parties, the Establishment and the Tea Partiers.

   The clear winner in the event of a split in the GOP is, naturally, the Democratic Party. In a bizarre plot twist, the Democrats seem relatively united in comparison to their GOP counterparts. 

   We can certainly see that President Obama and Mr. Romney, for all their similarities, are great Negative Campaigners. Mr. Romney uses his surrogates a bit better but, then, he has more of them. My sense is that the whole Birther thing they are running will be a big loser among Undediceds, who, ironically, will Decide this election.

   President Obama's attack ad featuring Mr. Romney singing is an absolute killer. The campaign disembodies Mr. Romney, just featuring his (regrettable) singing voice and then superimposes their litany of complaints against him. Apparently, Mr. Romney is very rich and this is your fault. Your bigger fault would be electing this Ivy League poster boy. The ad is devastating. You do not even have to watch it to loathe Mr. Romney. You can just listen.

   Of course, it is my opinion that Mr. Romney suffers most from this maxim of politics. When you do not tell your story, someone else will tell it for you. Mr. Romney announces how much he hates President Obama. He is very short on details of what he will do if elected, leaving the Obama campaign to denounce Mr. Romney at their convenience. They tell his story (sing his song) for him.

   And they are good at denunciation. The Obama Smear Campaign is every bit as effective as the Smear Obama Campaign. The losers are anyone who wants to ask a substantive question here.

   The campaigns have decided we need to hear how un-American is their opponent. One was not born here and the other does not keep his money here. They have all this down to an art form. And art, as we know, imitates life.

   If art/politics/media just reflect our culture, we must be some really juvenile folks. 


Opinions here are mine alone.

3 thoughts on “Feed the Beast, Forget the Truth”

  1. You are right when you say “sad”–the best way I know how to describe it all. Should increase our trust in a Sovereign God who is STILL in control of all.

  2. Ted Cruz cruised to victory after David Dewhurst chose to go very, very negative. Dewhurst’s attacks were primarily “he’s a LAWYER” guilt by assocation (who Cruz represented, to whom his law partners donated, what trials he participated in). That’s about the same as “he’s RICH” except for this: lots of Americans don’t like to see success demonized on the grounds that the success is successful. They see Mr. Obama as standing ready to mock, devalue and then snatch away whatever success they may somehow achieve…er, be awarded due to government infrastructure and the effort of other people who aren’t them.

  3. Cruz was polling at 2% early on. That means about 2% knew his name. The anti Perry campaign helped him. GOP neo-cons were wroth with Perry and remain so to this day. It is not clear he would win the governor’s mansion again if he runs next term.

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