Feed the Beast, or the Beast Will Eat You

Radical Chaositist, Tood Littleton, has listened to another podcast. In this one, a political pollster assesses the various surveys, polls, et al, and says they are weighted in favor of Mr. Romney. The Beast (Mass Media Who Must Be Fed Early, Often and Late) want this to be a tight contest, even if it is not, so that when Mr. Obama controls 300 electoral college votes (270 needed to elect) the Beast will not be blamed for intrusion.

For this thinking, it seems, to be wrong, misled or mystified, is better than to be precise, concise and professional.

As a 59 year old Conspiracy Theorist (my formational moment was the Kennedy Murder in Dallas,when I was ten: Oswald, Ruby, Magic Bullet, Cuba, Warren Commission, etc.) the idea a monolithic ersatz Fourth Estate, ready to attach itself to the Body Politic and wring the life from it is not unattractive as a theory.

Paranoia, in this age, is our Constant Companion,  if not our Faithful Friend.

My committed GOP Buddy, J., is a Birther, a Tea Party guy (“Palin, she is a little soft of immigration for me,” he says), also believes early votes are cast but not counted and thinks John Roberts had his medical benefits threatened or he would not have cast the deciding vote on the Affordable Health Care Act like he did.

In short, J., is a Believer. He is my age, my pal, and he sees Conspiracies everywhere.

And so do I. The Curse of the Sixties was not just Viet Nam, Race Riots, et al, it was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. LBJ told Dick Russell and J.W. Fulbright that North VietNamese patrol boats were shooting at our warships in the Gulf of Tonkin. LBJ needed Dick and J.William to push a resolution through the Senate allowing him to go to war without declaring war.

He got his resolution.

And, in private, he told his Senate pals, “I don’t know what they are shooting at out there. For all I know, our ships could be shooting at whales.”

Believe me when I tell you, this quote from LBJ is the sanitized version of what he told them. This is a family site.

W. Bush gets pilloried for his WMD fantasies. W. actually believed there were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq. LBJ knew there was no rationale for his actions but he wanted to do what he wanted to do. LBJ was enough of a Senator that he wanted Senate cover for his actions.

Now, beloved, there is a Conspiracy for you. Elitism, obfuscation, deception, power and all the trappings.

And for every real Conspiracy, for those of us who were weaned on the real ones, we see ten more. Don’t get me started on the Labor Unions and the Mafia. Really.

I do not think, however, that Fox News and MSNBC got together in New York or Martha’s Vineyard and said, “Obama is a mortal lock. Slip something in his water at the First Debate, or he will call Romney on every place he flip-flopped for twenty years. We gotta keep it close.”

I do believe, right now, this race is razor thin. The stress will prove too much for many Americans and one candidate will not get the turnout he expects (and needs). The race will be won by 4-6 points and may look bigger once it gets in the Electoral C0llege.

And early voting starts Monday, October 22, 2012, in Texas. I intend to cast my vote really early and offer some kind of repentance offering shortly thereafter.

And I believe my vote will be counted. Only once.



Opinions here are mine alone.

1 thought on “Feed the Beast, or the Beast Will Eat You”

  1. Davis,
    Not a pollster, a politics writer. Surely that does not make a major difference in your summary dismissal. However, while you were steeped in the real conspiracies, some of us came of age in their aftermath. That there is no more wagging the dog going on in politics, media, or even religion seems akin to recapturing an idealism that somehow it was a Divine pen that gave us our Founding documents, American that is.

    Exercise the franchise early and often. I may yet. But, it is not a far fetch to see Oz giving us the polls. After all, everyone has theirs.

    Incidentally, if Romney is not running for pastor of American, he surely could have given us something better for his closing in debate #2 than, I have been a Mormon pastor. Not quite true in an Evangelical sense, but accurate if we are describing a hierarchical religious position.

    And, what’s more to know about the President? Double-down and pull a W. Bush by doing more of the same hoping for different results this time.

    Maybe there is no conspiracy. But, it would be a better story than believing these two are the best we have to consider.

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