Festivall For The Rest of Ya’ll

I have started 2020 over again. I am now calling this 2020.2.

You will understand one cannot begin a New New Year without celebration. I have decided to call this New New Year Celebration, Festivall. It is for the rest of ya’ll.

On Sunday morning, January 12, 2020, I could not sleep. We had a celebration of the life of Kay Ellen Jackson, our beloved Joshua Owl Cowgirl on Saturday, January 11, 2020 at 1pm. This was perhaps the last item impacting my decision to start over with a New New Year.

Frankly, the old 2020 was just not measuring up as a year. I got so sick early in the year I missed a worship service. My friend Kay was dead. Other very close friends were ill to the point of needing hospitalization. None of the things I had put off until “after the first of the year” were getting done. No trips to the gym, no eating more than a meal from time to time, no drinking more water, no cleaning out some of the refuse in my possession.

The danger was evident. i would live out my 67th year on the planet without seeing my grandchildren more often. I was not calling on friends more often. 2020 just was not measuring up as a year.

So, about 3am on the old Sunday, January 12, 2020, I decided to begin again. I needed a name for the celebration. Festivus was already taken. I am from the Southwest, where we use the Texan Collective Pronoun, ya’ll. With absolutely no originality, I settled on Festival for the Rest of Ya’ll and set about to have a New New Year.

Since then, I have prayed and read my Bible heavily each day. I settled with one of our ministry residents who has chosen not to follow the rules we set. I have called friends and chased after grandchildren even more.

God has sent a good deal of encouragement in my New New Year. For the first time a church has agreed to include Chains of Grace in its missions budget and followed through on their promise. Numerous other persons have come forward to offer help financially and in the other few ways a person can help us.

Readers will know I write a journal for each of my family members. When the old 2020 started I owed five family members a journal. I have now finished one in the New New Year 2020.2 and I am working hard on the other four. Since 2020.2 does not involve a lot of night time sleep, I am getting journals written.

I also keep up a heavy correspondence with some inmates. I have increased that in 2020.2.

Blogs will now increase. Here is the first one in 2020.2. I am making it happen.

I have eaten a Kale salad.


I have discovered Kale is…is…is…kale.

I have not yet found anything you can put with Kale to make it palatable.

Still, I am eating Kale. According to my study, Kale is the only thing you can eat without causing immediate death.

I cannot think of any other reason to eat Kale. I believe it is a petroleum by product. I am certain of this; in a national emergency, tires could be made from Kale.

In times of war, Kale could be hurled at our enemies.

I am also eating avocado. I like avocado.

I do not like Kale.

I am eating raisins and other dried fruits.

I do not like Kale.

Still Kale is a part of my New New Year, 2020.2.

You can join me in the New New Year without embracing Kale.

After all, this is Festival. Festival is for the rest of Ya’ll.

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  1. I recommend Strawberry Kahshi–a minister mentor of mine exposed me to that cereal several years ago and I love it but I can’t find it anywhere anymore . . . precious memories!

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