FIFA World Cup…

…competition starts today, thought the host nation, Brazil, was apparently not informed of the coming date. Consequently, a number of the venues (in this case, all) are not quite ready. Brazilian host committee promises to begin the finishing work any day now, or, as they said, “Manana.”

I know nothing of Soccer, or Futbol, or anything like it. This has never stopped me from commenting in the past. In fact, if I limited my commentary on things I know, there would never be a post at this site.

Ergo, I am now offering this prediction for the coming event.

The Italians will emerge victorious in the end. This is not something one usually says, “Italy wins,” but they will win this time.

The host Brazilians will be a vital force in this event, as well.

So, there you have it. Remember, last time I featured The Netherlands, who made the semis, when they were not favored to get out of pool play. The sleeper team this time will be Ghana, but Italy will win it all. Brazil will go a long way, but Italy will win.

You read it hear first.


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