FIFA World Cup-Deeply Distressed and More Determined

   Alas, Germany has fallen. The callow yellow card assessed to Muller for a phantom hand-ball in the quarters helped tip the scales, along with a magnificent Spanish header.

   That said, my dream pairing of Germany and Netherlands is not to be. I assessed the 32 teams one month ago and missed the finals by one goal and one very bogus call.

   Still, I picked The Netherlands as the eventual champion, and the Oranje it will be on Sunday.

   Incidentally, neither Espana or the Oranje have ever won the World Cup. Whoever hoists the Cup on Sunday will be only the 8th nation to do so in the history of the games.

   I predict, within 8 years, USA will be the ninth. USA should be redoubling its efforts to recruit and train. 

   Consequently, I have empowered my Student Pastor to start an Upward Bound Futbol Program for children in Brock, Texas. Since Brock dominates all other sports, this signals the end to European/African/South American domination of the sport.

    Futbol, thy fate is sealed. Rejoice, America. The Eagles are on it. Victory will be ours.

6 thoughts on “FIFA World Cup-Deeply Distressed and More Determined”

  1. As far as the FIFA and your predictions, I must say that I bet you feel bad being upstaged by a squid, but the again you had to work for one at the BGCT (spineless, predatory creature that fed on others). However, the one picking futball matches was smarter and seem to be not nearly as arrogant.

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