First Night of the Democratic National Convention Very Much for the Base. And, Radical Anarchist Todd Littleton Eaten by Libertarian Bear at Balloon Festival.

   I warned him not to go. I told him, "You will be eaten by a bear. Or a Libertarian."

   Apparently, Radical Anarchist and All Around Evil Person, Dr. Todd Littleton, has been eaten by a Libertarian Bear somewhere in the Rocky Mountains while watching a Hot Air Balloon Festival.

   This is the only explanation I have for his continued silence on matters political. He insists he will not vote for President in 2012, since the Column for Voters does not include "Neither." And, wrapping himself in cloaks religious, he insists it is your Christian duty (or Jewish, B'Hai, Moslem, Peyote Church, et al) to feel his pain at well. 

   Then, he disappears into the mountains and is heard from no more. I can come to only one conclusion.

   A bear got him.

   I like to think it was a Libertarian bear, since they get so little, after all.

   And, meantime, the Democrats gathered in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Queen City. 

   And, speaker after scripted speaker, the Dems defined their core issues. And, one kept coming back time after time.

   "You should get to marry the person you love…"

   This is the Democratic euphemism, 2012, for same-sex union. Occassionally, one speaker or another would link same-sex union to military service, as though only gays wish to serve in the military, or all gays wish to serve in the military, or, well, they saw some link between the one and the other. To come out against same-sex union, it appears, is somehow to be against our troops.

   This is politically generated linguistic gymnastics, the kind where no connection is made between the athlete and the floor, while said athlete performs amazing acrobatic feats, in seeming defiance of gravity.

   I hope we can get this straight on DayOne of our last political convention for four years. Sigh.

   Sans a constitional amendment or oddball application of the 14th amendment, stretching it to include sexual orientation its fashioners would have found abhorent, the Federal Government of the United States has absolutely nothing to do with marriage. Nothing. 

   The Democratic speakers engage in empty prattle to energize their lethargic base. And why?

   As Radical Anarchist and Generally Evil Libertarian Bear Fodder, Todd Littleton, knew, this election will be won by the Party Able to Bring Its Base to the Polls. Mr. Romney has no real natural constituency outside the Mormon church. He could not energize his own base until he brought on Paul Ryan, which is why the Dems have spent so much time questioning Mr. Ryan's credibility and marathon time.

   We have not seen this much time spent on a Vice-Presidential person's words since Andrew Johnson said, "You go on to the theater. I'll watch things here."

   Mr. Obama has a natural conistituency. It is a large, diverse base but his base has to vote in big numbers, or he will have to move his furniture.

   Mr. Obama polls amazingly well with Latino voters, women and astoundingly well with blacks (94% to 0%).  All of these groups must deliver. They have to come to the voting booth, show some kind of ID and vote Democratic in November. And, he has to swing some kind of plurality with younger voters, who tend to report they are open to same-sex unions. 

   In what appears to be a razor thin electoral process, Mr. Obama has reached out to these younger voters, who report they are more open to same-sex union, particularly in some of the swing states. The fickle young voter bloc may not sound like much, but it did not cost Mr. Obama any votes from persons unlikely to vote for him in the first place, he never has to deliver anything more than air on the subject because it is a state/local issue and he might gain just enough votes to push him over the top.

   Thus, the 2012 US Presidential Election, may be decided on an issue absolutely untouchable by the person espousing it and by people who have been told all about both men and their running mates and cannot stand to vote for any of them. That's right, the people who stay home will decide the election.

   Just like Radical Anarchist Todd Littleton foresaw, prior to his being eaten by a Libertarian bear.*

   Oh, the irony.

   *According to a more recent report, Radical Anarchist T.A.Littleton returned safely from the mountains yesterday. He has not yet posted any answers to aintsobad but, at least, he was not eaten by a Libertarian bear. 



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2 thoughts on “First Night of the Democratic National Convention Very Much for the Base. And, Radical Anarchist Todd Littleton Eaten by Libertarian Bear at Balloon Festival.”

  1. This is the year that Democrats put out front two social hot-button issues: same-sex marriage and abortion. And the right to free contraception.

  2. All this political stuff drives me nuts.
    And what comes of it? More angst, more disappointment.
    But it’s necessary. Sometimes I just wish the Lord would put an end to all this and wrap it all up.
    I guess that Day will come, in His good time. In the meantime we suffer through all this nonsense.

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