For a Public Person…

…the time to leave the stage requires two things and these two only. You must choose out and train up someone to take your place. And, secondly, the one you choose out and train up to take your place should be equal to you in what you do.

Today, by the merest coincidence, I sat listening to a sermon presented by my youngest son, Jordan. He did not know I would be present and I did not know he was going to preach. In fact, he does not usually preach. His pastor fell ill this week and asked Jordan to speak only a day ago. Joan and I had planned to be away from our place over a month ago, but had told no one. We went to the early worship hour at a local United Methodist Church and then decided to “catch the matinee” (and perhaps see our newest grandchild, at Freedom Community Church, where some of our family worship and some of them serve.

So, Jordan stood to preach and I sat to hear. He read Scripture, announced his intention, quoted various authorities and offered his invitation.

And, he was wonderful. Assume my bias. My children will tell you I am usually more difficult with them than with any others.

He was wonderful. Urbane, humorous, compassionate and full of zeal. He was marvelous.

So, now, I may be done. Someone has been chosen out and raised up to take my spot. He is at least as good at it as I am.

I may, then, at any time, exit, stage left.

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