For Sheer Emotional Impact…

…there is nothing that quite touches me as two you-tube mixes. One is the song by a group called “Marmalade.” The title of the song is “Reflections of My Life.” A Viet Nam veteran put it together, so, if you go there, be sure to click on the Veterans site for this song.

I have watched it a thousand times. Each time I do I think of burying my friend, Ken, who gave his youth to the US Army and served in the VN war. I look at the pictures of the various veterans, young and old, and I just see Ken. I buried his first wife, baptized his kids, married him to his loving second wife. He was on the phone from time to time even after we parted ways, always just asking me how I was at that moment.

I miss Ken.


Then, there is the you-tube of Peter, Paul and Mary in their PBS reunion concert. I memorized “Puff the Magic Dragon” from this old concert. I sang it to my boys every night when I got in from work, on their bedside, trying to get them to sleep. My oldest son (who has a much better voice than I) sings it to his daughter and his son.

I miss my kids.

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