For Sunday, Here Is the Deal for Aintsobad…

   We cranked up aintsobad some nine years ago to communicate thoughts on The Evangel. My friend, Shane Mullin did the tech work, with my companionship and ignorance, in a coffee shop in Dallas. I have stained a few coffee shops with one notebook computer or another since then.

   I decided to philosophize for awhile, so IKant was introduced. Real philosophers intervened and sanity was restored, though, as true Kantians, they had to admit my reality was as valid as theirs, or be exposed as Pseudo-Kantians, like Maynard G. Krebbs.

   After Immanuel Kant left my blogsphere, but not my mind (I still read and re-read the English translation of Critique of Pure Reason), I soon added the Story Place, for fiction. I have a guy named Otis stuck in a road somewhere between Brock and Lipan. I still don't know what to do for him.

   Renovation, or Pastor's Pal, grew out of my return to parish work. My writing there has been all over the place, but that is the life of the pastor. People do not think you are worth anything but they call you about everything. You are somebody in the community who can and will listen but cheaper than a real counselor, which is fine, since they do not plan to do what you suggest, anyway.

   I still want to write. All my editors at the various religious boards have been replaced by people who know not Pharoah and cannot remember my name, either. I could start over with the relationship building but it all comes back to what happens on a screen now. More and more people read only what you put on-line. Editors have almost  been replaced by spell check. They were more than that back in the day. 

   Readers may correct you but they are often agenda driven rather than vision inspired. I am happy that mine were different. In all the years and thousands of posts I only had to put two guys on the block list. Others quit coming here, or so they said, though their URLs kept coming up until Chrome invented stealth. I wish them all well, I guess.

   Some time in the next month, aintsobad will go away, if my wish comes true. I hope to establish my own name, under a new branding, in a domain to be determined. It should still be possible to locate Rick Davis, under that name and probably five or six numbers, whatever it takes to establish the domain name. So, I will not actually be going away, just the aintsobad brand, under which I have ruminated thoughtfully and helped to topple tyrants.

   I have made some friends and lost more than a few, I suppose. I still have plenty.

   I forgive all those who urged me on while refusing to take their own stand. You are not really cowards but your bravery is "selective." A lot of people suffered while you dithered.

   Yes, it cost me something, many a time I paid a price. Yes, it has been worth it to me.

   I am negotiating for a domain now. I should have it shortly.

   I will tell you before I go. I will leave the door unlocked for those who might like to visit later.

   And I'll leave a light on.



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2 thoughts on “For Sunday, Here Is the Deal for Aintsobad…”

  1. You are one that I read every time it pops up on my google-reader. I have to admit, I’ve not read much of Otis though.
    All this to say, I’m glad that you’re only moving/rebranding and not ceasing your pixilated ruminations. My reading time would be poorer if you did leave the blogosphere.
    I look forward to whatever your new pixilated life looks like in the future!

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