For the Birthday, 59

 We made our annual pilgrimage to the lovely Dallas Arboretum, there to see the foliage, the nature exhibits, the lawns and flowers. This year the autumn exhibit is the impressionists, so there were natural exhibits of Monet and Van Gogh.

Faith and Grant, our daughter’s two children were there. We walked together, happily, through the Pumpkin Maze, which is bigger this year, since the drought is over for now. Jennie, one of the workers, is a family member by marriage, and she talked us through some of the different displays she and her team arranged this year.

One of the features this year are the Chuhuly presentations. These are large, lovely, colored glass fixtures; some tall and stately, others hugging the ground but spreading wide, vivid in color and changing as the sun hits the glass, or not.

We took a simple lunch, befitting my tortured soma, with bread and apples and some cheese. The children had a soda. I drank one water after another and tolerated it all very well. We played our yearly game of tag on the vast lawn, the children chasing me with their usual gusto and I frantically peddling backward to evade their lunges and to watch them laugh at the age old game.

We were on a schedule, so it all ended too soon. I look forward to next year, in early October, when the sun is not so hot as a Texas August and the breeze is happily cool.


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