For Those Who Find Me a Bit Wordy…

…what took you so long?

Some tidbits:

1. To never try means you never have to fail.

2. If you live a mystic life you see things other people miss.

3. Don't take a position by drawing a line in the sand. Sand shifts.

4. Jesus talks about the Kingdom a lot. He mentions the Church twice.

5. According to Jesus, the Kingdom is near, here and on the way. Go figure.

6. Drama is a genre of play-acting, not a life-style.

7. You can plant, tend and maybe reap. You cannot make it grow.

8. One of the deeper dangers of being Chosen is arrogance. That is why bad people make such good soil for growth. They know they stink.

9. There is a big price to pay for living your life in the public eye. The best you can hope for is to be left alone but that is unlikely.

10. If you have a private, mystical life, you may not need a double life.

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