Francis I

Since some of my friends have had a good time promoting me for Bishop of Rome and, since I answered them as best I could, I now take a few moments to say a word about Francis I.

He has one lung, speaks seven languages with some facility, moved from the bishopric mansion to a small, nice apartment and rode the bus to “work.” He walked among the people of his area to listen. He believes in shoe leather evangelism but has a meaningful rapport with various forms of technology.

He chose the name Francis, one hears, to identify with Saint Francis of Assisi, with all that implies. His first speech to the assembled bishops who elected him began with the words, “I forgive you.” LOL.

He is a conservative who says, “The idea of letting homosexuals adopt a child is discrimination against the child.” He spoke openly against the Argentine government during the discussion over homosexual marriage.

He is a Jesuit. He is the first Jesuit Pope. I am rereadng the history of the Jesuits. Oh, my.

He is a commoner who rose to dizzying heights.

Francis I will bear watching.

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  1. His election gives me a sense of hope to the “catholic” (universal) church. I will pray for his success. In a time in which so many church “leaders” focus on lining their own pockets, a example like this in the Catholic church is indeed refreshing!

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