Friday, the Coming Lord’s Day and I am only ready in heart and soul.

My mind is not ready, I will not actually final proof the sermon from I John 3:1-3 until this afternoon and this is if nothing else disappears in a puff of smoke. I am not temperamental and can work most places if given the chance but the road blocks put in my way the last two weeks have been substantial I am in deep catch-up mode.

As God would intend, however, this week’s text is a very familiar passage to me, I John 3:1-3. From the first word fragment, “idou,” to the last paean to God’s lavish love, I have the passage itself. As the preachers of my youth used to say, “If you preach the text you will be accused of freshness.” I guess there are worse things,

I am putting this post up to say I have not forgot this place, or you and to test this new machine for myself. I am to learn  new set of keys, apparently and I am to get it done today I hope it is a good experience but it is here to do, anyway. The frustrating thing is to need to go to a familiar site and to find I am not signed in from this machine, so, everything takes two or three tries,

C’est la vie.

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