What is the end of frustration? Is it possible that to find the end of frustration, one needs first to find its sorry start?

Frustration might be said to start with an oversized sense of self, common to all mankind. Thence, frustration with people accompanies the inner question, “Why is he treating ME this way?” Frustration with events might eventuate from the question, “Why is THIS happening to ME?” And frustration with machines or technology might be not much other than the question, “Why don’t Things work for ME?”

If we recognize our feelings in any of these beginnings, the end of frustration would be Meekness, over against MeNess. The ancients from the Patristic to the Puritan parents, believed Christian meekness to be a happy, powerful preference for the will of God over one’s own will. The practice of Christian meekness, once internalized and assimilated, does not make one mousy, but powerful over negative emotions that would, well, frustrate a being of lesser discipline.

By the way, I mostly stink at meekness. It is so frustrating.




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