is what occurs

when you think you will get

a symphony sound

blowing hard

through a hollow reed.

In my last post

the one about

Our Ministry

I suggested people pray for us because, as I wrote,

This is a hard work.”

One or two have suggested

what we do is not hard work.

They are right.

We seldom lift anything heavy

or spend ten hours in the Texas sun

on a tar roof.

If that is the only hard work

we really don’t do it much.

So, how is this hard?

When we get a person whose recovery

mean more to us than it does to him/her

the work gets hard.

When someone who will not ever get close to our work

tells us what we ought to do with “those people.”

The work gets hard

When someone with all the potential in the world

and all the talent they need

just will not work their program to reentry

and tells us one more version of the same old story,

the work gets hard.

So, if you never decide to help us any other way

decide to pray.

   Your prayers will help both of us.


Remember that donations (tax deductible even now) can be sent to:

Chains of Grace

PO Box 1344

Midlothian, Texas 76065


Go to our website at and give through our paypal site.


Thanks for reading.

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