Future Ring-Today-Continued-Day Four

   I am adding another 1000 words or so to the previous blog. Go to the March 9, 2008 and then scroll down to the section marked March 11, 2008 and read from there. I think it will be easier to follow this way, as you can just scroll back up to the prevous thoughts to refresh your mind.

   This is a work of synthesis, dialectical in nature; thesis, antithesis, synthesis. The dialectical analysis offered is one of comparison and contrast. Place this little pyramid over the prose and it may make the arguments gain form for you. Understand, as the pyramid descends, I am aiming for a perfect circle.

   Over at http://aintsobad.typepad.com/pastorspal/ I am offering some thoughts on the muddle between politics and religion in the USA today. I will also take some time later today, I hope, to offer the incoming Everet administration some unsolicited advice on its first six months  in office, during which I will call for a moratorium (voluntary, as such things must be) from officious personal criticism, though I will not offer it unconditionally, nor ask others to violate their conscience just to keep silence.

   Now, for today, I am going to try to get the lion and the gazelle up running one more day.

   In terms of prayer for me, as a hundred of you are prone to ask each day, let me say I continue to seek where I fit in the grand scheme of things, if at all. I still have some things to offer, I think.

   In my health, I have a minor bit of blindness in the left eye from the masses just removed. The broken blood vessels behind the right eye were my last warning. I wake up in the mornings now without tremendous pain and do not look so much like a racoon. I am regaining stamina. My blood pressure is dead solid perfect, though my muscle tone is shot after seven days of inactivity. I will not be limited in any way once I get cleared from this thing. I am looking for ways to be productive for the Kingdom. At one time, that was accomplished in a church office or a pulpit. Now, it may as likely be accomplished in a coffee shop with a cell phone and a notebook computer.

   There is a new day dawning. I want to run with the gazelles again.

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