Future Ring-Today-Continued: Day Three

  Would this be easier to read it were a lament? Could you let me say:

For three sins of Nashville,

no, for four,

I will blast the Southern Kingdom.

I will raise up Chindia

as mine own hand against them

and the icon will respond to the cursor no more.

For my people,

even my people,

do not open the whole program when I click on them

but spread their virus through the network.

For three sins of Dallas,

no, for four,

I will smite the Western Kingdom.

For they dabble in religious forms

while their prayers are to themselves

and for their belly.

So I will send the Muscular Unbelievers against them

and with mine own hand will not touch them

but will let their enemies know they are a hollow reed,

full of air, easy to break,

empty of nourishment.

If you enjoyed this cheery Monday morning greeting, go back to the first of my blogs on Future Ring and read forward to today. I will remove some extraneous stuff shortly. I intend to add about 2000 words to the last blog. This series will finally be book length and will help explain us to ourselves. Leave your comments so I know you are alive and reading. I would rather see your name than count your hit.

   I am continually asked to "move on," as though there is a way to let the past go because one fellow retires and some old policies are shined up for new. In Service Interrupted, the previous book length memoir to Future Ring, I spent most of my blogspace looking for ways to move ahead, to suggest ways we might change if we were to have a meaningful, shared imperative. I am told Dwight McKissic is trying to put legs to our shared imperative with the Antioch Network. It is right and good this giant of a man is putting himself forward to order our chaos. I will believe more in the Antioch Network when it invites into its midst at least one who can add a torso and a mind to the network, rather than just make it ambulatory. I have had quite enough of building an aircraft while we fly it.

Now, if you will, go back to the blog immediately prior to this one. Go down to where you see the bold print for a couple of paragraphs. That is where I started on today to add 2000 words to the previous thought. Read at your own peril.

4 thoughts on “Future Ring-Today-Continued: Day Three”

  1. I am reading and learning and agreeing and running, I just cannot figure out if I am the hunter or the hunted.

  2. The bifurcation in the Christian bookstore aisles you are describing in the added material is why I quit buying almost any Christian literature about 13 years ago. Instead I started to read the Bible…long chunks at a time. Funny that what some insist is critically important gets such minor attention in the Scripture.
    I have bought a couple of books recently that have given me hope. The main one is Roger Olsen’s ‘Reformed and Always Reforming’. A bit repetitive, but saying much which I have been thinking.

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