Governance Change: A History Lesson

Opinions expressed here are my own, not those of the church I serve or any other person.  

 My time is limited today. I wish to point out something from history. Governance does not change willingly.

   The most extreme examples are the holocausts of the last sixty years; Germany, Cambodia, the Sudan, et al. Once a population group in a locale becomes an isolated sub-group, their lot does not change without people who step in from outside. 

   Governance does not change willingly. People do not give up caste easily. The people howling most loudly about what we propose are those who fear they would lose caste. 

1 thought on “Governance Change: A History Lesson”

  1. Is that governance or leadership?
    And if leadership, then what of George Washington and his two tem limit if George was a mere point man of ‘We the People’, what then of their will?

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