Governance: Get the Right People on the Bus

   You cannot build or run a good organization with bad people.

   For years you heard about him. He was a gifted performer but a difficult person. He could absolutely come through in a crisis, many said, but frequently the crisis was of his own making. He had a lot of reasons to be confident but he developed the ability to strut while seated. His gifts, and the way he was treated because of them, prolonged his adolescence and led to prima donna behaviors.

   From early years his feelings of entitlement led to difficult, contrary behaviors with women. He knew how to play the victim. The world owed him, women wanted him, the world, and its women, were there for his pleasure. He was never at fault. The world and its women conspired against his worth.

   He began to drink, first privately, then more openly, and then more often. He was bigger than the rules, after all, and people needed to see how much larger than life he could be in his personal habits. He had money. He could get more. When he harrassed people or injured them, when he threatented or belittled others, he was only doing what he had to do to protect himself because, as he would tell you, the team ran through him and could not run without him.

   If you are greater than the team you run, you cannot expect to be good for the team you run. Better people will see through you. They will refuse to enter your huddle, let alone to run your plays. You will find yourself, despite all your money and feelings of entitlement, waiting for some public servant somewhere to announce your immediate future. Members of your team will follow your example. Your team will disintegrate. You will find your team starting a season on the brink of destruction, perhaps never to recover. You will become a punch line.

    Yes, the people who think you can do something for them, or the others who think you can still do something to them, may defend you. They can attack anyone who has anything to say about you. They are little people attacking smaller people. You can still think you are the Great Man.

   What you think will not change what you are.

The opinions expressed here are my own, not those of my church or of any other person.


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  1. Great words of wisdon Rick! Thanks for taking the time to write this blog. Joan and I think and pray for you often.

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