Governance: The Corporate Church, or Religion , Inc.

   My friend, the saint, Michael Reynolds, reprinted somethings I wrote about the corporate church and what it takes to have one. I need to open up some of the nuances I find that define the corporate church, where the corporate has replaced the church'

   The corporate churches promote the professional ministry of the pastor over the work of the church, practice a pragmatic acceptance of persons for crowd building, use product placement as a quantifiable replacement for evangelism, countenance in themselves what they condemn in others, insist that any errors in judgement/actions/intentions by leadership must be overlooked for the good of the corporation and practice a shallowness in theology/doctrine, for which they substitute a poor version of pop psychology.

   Michael's posts can be read at his site, Writing in the Dirt.

Opinions expressed here are my own, not that of the church I serve, or any other body or person.

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