Governance: The Preacher’s Needs

Opinions expressed here are mine, not those of the church I serve, or any other person.  

 Who will take care of churches in a post-denominational age? Historically, denominations were not actually intended to take of churches. The denominational apparatuses were created as pass-throughs; central agents of collection to obey the directions of the churches to support selected ministries and institutions.

   Today, the denominations (now dying) have morphed into (obsolescent) secular-style corporate bodies. Few of them do much other than pay the salary-benefit packages of their employees. If money gets to a ministry or institution, it is often raised in some "special offering."

   Denominations do not take care of the churches. It was not their intended purpose and it is not possible for them to do so now.

   Associations are closer to the churches and every denomination has something like the local baptist association of churches, regardless of the name. Associations are failing everywhere. I can give you the names of the four best Associational Directors; Charles Price, now suffering with cancer), Tom Billings. David Smith and Randy Babin. Some of the others are decent people. My local "leader" is, well, local, in the sense that he is not far enough away.

    Regardless, associations are in a delicate position. Their works cannot seem to be tilted toward the churches, for this means the preachers will be offended. Their works cannot be tilted to the preachers because the preacher will be gone someday, while the churches will continue. The poor staff must plow a middle row. As a farmer, this means you end up dumping dirt on everyone.

   Who takes care of the churches? Not denominations, not associations, not seminaries, not colleges.

   Who takes care of the churches?


    Who takes care of the preachers?

2 thoughts on “Governance: The Preacher’s Needs”

  1. You are kind to call the local a leader. When you are climbing at other’s expense you are not leading.

  2. David,
    I put “leader” in parenthesis. Really, he is just a sign of the times. After the real soldiers do the fighting, the desk jockeys come in to take credit and give themselves awards. Think Charles Wade, but without the connections.

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