Government Matters More

One of the side effects of the Wuhan virus is possibly more fearful that the virus itself. Globally, nationally, state wide and locally, government matters more than it did in December of 2019. Or pick any date prior to 2020.

Globally, we have seen how one national government can export death and economic distress to every nation under the sun. Nationally, we have seen the panic stricken and the power hungry combine to engage in practices certain to kill tens of thousands of Americans. In Texas we have undergone a lockdown far behind the scope of the disease, as if we were New York, Chicago or San Francisco.

Locally, we closed our businesses and shuttered our schools. All of this, we were told, because we had to make certain our hospitals were not overrun. Then we watched hospitals lay off staff because no one was coming to the hospital.

The Wuhan Virus is not an excuse to practice race hatred against Asians, or Asian Americans, or anyone else. The Wuhan virus is a cold Virus borne about by a particular kind of bat known only to exist in mass in a cave system within 900 kilometers of Wuhan, China, and in a laboratory in Wuhan, China.

We did not cook this up in China Springs, Texas.

We do have people dying of this ailment. We do have people scaring themselves to death because of this ailment.

A vaccine? This is a cold virus, not a flu virus. How many colds have you had in your life? How is your immunity to the common cold?

Granted, most people who get this virus never show a symptom. The ones who do very often die, particularly if they have some underlying health factor.

And, this brings me back to my point. Government matters more now than it did six months ago. We cannot waste money or time or effort on groups like the WHO or any other group, which, by any standard, failed us enormously. Any group demanding our fealty will have to prove its worth from now on, or government will have to move on.

If we need to close our local schools until there is a vaccine, does that mean we do not educate our children for years? Will our schools ever again require giant sports arenas or the spectacle of mass sporting events requiring incredible technology and huge staffs?

We may have to rethink what we do with our schools. Academics will surely always matter, but administrative costs and athletics may have to be rethought now and forever. Any local government entity unable or unwilling to rethink how we do business (since we cannot do business as we did) certainly runs the risk of proving itself in need of correction.

Our national government is printing money like they do something to earn it. Are we going to take a wheel barrow of money down to the bread line to get a half loaf?

We have easily surrendered our freedom of assembly, protest, religion and, in various places, to keep and bear arms. The governments seem to want us unemployed, irreligious and unarmed. We may not see our freedoms easily returned to us by the panic stricken or the power hungry.

Something, as they used to say, has to give. Shall it be the victims of this pandemic, or the perpetrators?

As you can imagine, I have some thoughts to offer. Government matters more than it did six months ago.

Be afraid.

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