Grace and Calling-A Divine Call to Good Health

In the Society of Eden, death is temporary, while life and health are durable. Illness and death enter the world by sin, not by divine intervention. The textual material on divine creation must be said to major on the bright, the happy, the warm, the caring. God walks with creation in the cool of the day. What sounds better?

When we only embrace illness, is the only rehabilitation medical? Or, is it possible that repentance, including remorse for our failings, might work a change in our very cell structure?

The Healer Deb Justus, whom I have heard pray more than once, never prays for healing. He always prays for forgiveness. Yet, I have watched the miracles rain down around him. He is the least prepossessing of men. He would never call himself a healer, or ask for credit, or even attention. Still, he prays for forgiveness and people get better.

I wonder if we could do the same for ourselves? I wonder if a real Healer just puts us in touch with what God wants in the first place?

I wonder.

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