Grace and Mercy, Favor with God and Man: The Proverbs of Otis, Chapter Four

Chapter Four

1. Grace is the best idea God ever had for man because man was not gettin’ it the other ways. Law is law and law helps you know when yer bad but it don’t necessarily make ya better. People who base their whole religion on how bad they was will naturally let you know how bad you are now. Then they will make you try to get good like them. Only they ain’t really good, just a different kind of bad, thet’s the problem. 2 The hardest thing about grace is talkin’ like you got it. Marx was right when he said that people who grow up natural in the world learn to speak in commerce and commerce divides on class. Transactional language, the art of the deal, pushes grace to the side. Pretty soon you have to earn everything. It is a common trait of man that the more he earns the more he wants and the better he judges hisself to be. Grace ain’t like that. 3 Thet’s why grace so often gets mentioned with mercy in the Bible Jesus liked. Men hate to be on the wrong side of the Mercy Rule in anything for thet means he lost and need the bigger feller to let him up. Mr. Lincoln always talked about lettin’ up easy when you get ’em down but he believed fer sure in lettin’ ’em know they cain’t win first. To let a feller up easy is the hardest thing ’cause while he is gettin’ up the shame of losin’ comes back to him and he wants to fight again. Grace keeps a collar on the feller while mercy lets him up easy.

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