Grace and Mercy, or, Grace as Religious Verifiability: The Proverbs of Otis, Chapter Four, continued

Grace as Religious Verifiability, Otis 4:4f

4 Grace will not let you go 5 Grace is not weakness. People do not think yer good jest because yer weak. They jest think yer weak. 5 Nobody hitches up with weakness, except to take something from the weak or lord it over them. Only Jesus hitched up with the weak to make them happier, better and more satisfied. Jesus does this because everybody looks weak next to Him. 6 And Grace, God’s best idea, is the way to know God is real and religion matters. Ya can weigh grace, so ya know it is there. Grace weights jest exactly twice what yer sin weighed. 7 When we say that grace double-wieghs sin, we mean it lays on top and squishes the load right out of it. Grace is a super-light, as God tends to be 8 Think of all them thangs the Bible says about God. He came walkin’ in the cool of the day. He has a light load and an easy yoke. Don’t mean much to city folks but in them Bible times, you had to walk everywhere in the hot weather, carry whatever you needed and hope to find somethin’ to eat. 9 Country folks know what it means. Everything in them days was hot, heavy and tired. The better farmers was them that had light yokes for the ox so it would not wear out the animal. They needed some shade and lots of water and could not much find neither. Yep, in the Bible everything was hot, heavy and tired. 10 Then, God comes along and brings walks with man in the cool of the day, so there was a cool day in a nice garden. The load was took off. Nobody had to be bad tired, just the good kind of tired, where ya did a good day’s work and every muscle gets fed and promises to feel strong tomorrow. 11 That is grace; twice as heavy as your sin, laid on top of it so that all the sin gets mashed out but feather light so it don’t wear you out and cool to the touch so the day don’t burn ya. That is grace. 12 So, if you ever felt bad inside and then turned to God, you had grace, have grace, is goin’ to have grace and so you know there is God and you can see jest what God weighs and measures. Grace, experienced, validates God, explained. Simple as all thet.

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