Grace and Peace: Love and Longing are the same things, only different

Grace is not merely kindness. People who have no direct contact with religious (even Christian) grace can still be kind. Some people who have massive exposure to Christian grace are the least kind people I know. They can be good to people who assimilate into their clique, if allowed, or submit to their clique, if not allowed to enter. The end result is a religious-appearing clique but there is not much religion in it and even less Christianity.

Yet, grace-filled people will be kind, honest and good. Grace is transforming. A grace-filled person has a different character, an ethos, not an etching. 

A person not filled with grace may know when  to say Amen but it is only to punctuate some other person’s prayer. He or she, lacking grace, is missing the meditative genetic marker.

A grace-filled person is a gracious person. He will not  be found wringing bloody hands after yet another ecclesiastical execution, asking, “Well, what else could we do?” The simple answers come to mind; you could read a Bible, or follow Church history or you could just be a decent person, lest you bring judgement on yourself and your house. You could be something other than a person requiring judgement on yourself, lest God be accused of unconcern.

A grace-filled person will not constantly announce his simplicity, all the while spinning a conniving web that would have made Machiavelli envious. He would know, by grace-filling, that God is not deceived, but is, rather, a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. He would know he may win for a moment in time but God will see his heart in eternity.

And, so he would deal with others in light of the same grace he would need for himself.

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