Grace and Peace To You All

If you are seeking information about me, and the Search Engine Records on this site indicate you are, here you go:

I was born in Cleburne, Texas, October 5, 1953. My early life, birth to eighteen, was lived in Joshua, Texas, where I piddled my way through the mandatory twelve grades. College was at Howard Payne University in Brownnwood, Texas, where I graduated BA, summa cum laude, Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities, the Honor Graduate (1976) of the Institute of Christianity at Howard Payne. Seminary held two degrees for me, MDiv in 1980 and DMin in 1982, graduating with honors each time. My terminal work at the Seminary was in the Development Psychology of Children as it Relates to Conversion. I attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth for both degrees.

Joan and I met in college at HPU. We have been married for just over 39 years. We have four grown children, five grandchildren and  two more on the way this autumn. Joan finished her PHD recently. She has two Masters and an LPC in addition. She has worked for twenty years at Dallas Baptist University.

I am an Evangelist. I am not just an evangelical. The second modifier can mean a lot of things. I am an Evangelist, not a tele-evangelist, though I have presented the Gospel on TV many, many times over the years. I am an Evangelist and I make no apology about that fact.

In the ’80’s and ’90’s I wrote for publication a lot. Eventually I produced a few thousand articles and short stories for various religious periodicals. When the internet appeared I began to use readers as editors and have produced words on screen for about ten years. All I have put up is free and often worth just that amount.

For years people told me to get a hobby and also to get some physical exercise. With my usual need to combine this, that and the other thing, I became a TASO basketball referee, now UIL. I have hung around long enough to become a D-I referee in basketball. The aerobic exercise in this sport has helped me lose a lot of weight, manage stress and maintain mental acuity. My knees hurt, also. The other sports in which I dabble as an official include ASA Softball and now TASO volleyball; less running, so not as physical. I now work out  most days at a gym near our home.

I recently moved back to Midlothian. I don’t do causes anymore, having been crushed by the weight of many a crusade. I do evangelism, lay preaching and church helping. My intention is to live out my life in peace and productivity. I will keep this domain for as long as God seems to use it. I never intend to retire because I have a calling, a holy vocation, and one does not retire from a calling just because one can afford to do so.

Perhaps this will help those searching around various contact engines trying to find me. It is a lot of what I am.


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