Grace and Peace to You and Yours

I got up to do one meeting today. The meeting turned into an hour and a half with a friend who is doing God’s work as a layman. He wants to know about my church starting efforts and the grace of God in all this work. I am grateful he is my friend.

Then the phone began to ring, like yours, and I have a funeral visitation to do and then the service. A young man called needing prayer. Two dozen emails, five texts, two more meetings for this afternoon and the day will be over before I know I am ready.

So, here is my effort for today. I wish I had time to sit and think, to reflect and put real effort into the thoughts I have about grace in this year of grace here at It apparently will not happen today, but I do not want to get to the end of the day and scribble off something just to have a post.

God is good, faith is living and grace is real.

I love this verse:

If God is real,

If sin is strong,

If humankind be flawed,

No one can say he serves a man,

Who does not save him from himself

And so keep him for God.

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