Grace and The Call: Let There Be Light

The first Divine Word, the Fiat of Creation, must be considered a Call. The first ever Call was not to a being and cannot be said to be an I-Thou initiatory rite.

The First Call is to a force, or, more accurately, a session of forces, under the common name, Light. God said (the Call, remember), “Let there be light.” Please don’t spend more than a breath of light trying to make this scientifically explicable. Instead, search all Light for the spiritual efficacy in each molecule.

Before God wants Humankind, God wants Light. And, so, God fiats Light.

Astrophysicists recently have opined this addition to the Big Bang theory. There was this Big Bang and then a dramatic series of dynamic events elapsing in a very short period of time. What we would call days and weeks of intense heat, light, dynamism and a longer period of cooling and coalescing. The picture painted is like this; a set of forces, meticulously designed and intelligently melded together, with expansive results.

You know, a bit like Someone poured all the elements into the crucible of creation and then invited the most important processes to have a  mega-powerful place in it all.

Let there be Light.

The first recorded Divine Call, the Gracious Word, was to a Force composed of elements and electrified for enormous power. Let there be Light.

I suppose we ought to say some other things about the Divine Call to the Force of Light:

  • The Force of Light, not personal but powerful, enables personal powers for all beings. There could not be life (as we know it) without light. The whole process of photosynthesis is life-giving and, of course, depends upon light for its dynamic power. One powerful Call to one powerful Force empowers that which is good for billions of sentient beings to follow.
  • If we see the power and usefulness of the Divine Call in the Force of Light, we might also see the Divine Call as invitation. Calls may come in countless disguises but the Divine Call must be said to be in the form of an invitation from the very start, or where is the grace? An invitation from God means Someone capable gets something good ready and then summons us to the party, thinking of us all the way.
  • Invitation, empowering, embodiment; all results of the Divine Call, the Summons of Grace. Let there be Light. And there was Light. And all the things we measure in Time, for good or ill, cascades down on our heads as the result of the grace of light.

Here is ONE BIG THING we have to say about the Divine Call and the Human Response. The Power/Person/Proposition invited (called) must both respond and act. Our response, often called Faith, or something like it, is the form we give to the Call we get. Faith as form gives orients us to the source and gives a powerful shape (form, boundary) to our understanding of the call.

In faith we may discover (Ok, cannot help but discover) ourselves in repetition. Light is invited to existence and there is a big explosion of Light. Light is not done there. No, in the divine economy, Light is obliged to keep on being light, even if the day is cloudy. Abram of the Old Testament is called to leave Ur of the Chaldees to go into the Promised Land but he takes years to find the Promised Land and even longer to adventure in it. He must do the same things, over and over again, day after day, year after year, often in the face of crippling discouragement. Even if we can depend on the Call we heard then we must surely learn to find, see, hold and hear the Call in this day, when we rise to do the same thing we did yesterday, only on Tuesday, not Monday.

Light has to go on being Light, doing Light stuff, participating in the divine process as Light. Light is still the life of the party in many, many ways, but most specifically in just being Light. Light does the stuff light does, over and over again, reconnecting with its biggest fans daily, illuminating, warming, feeding the whole process.

If, today, as so many of us have to use our day, own the day. Wear your day. So long as there is light, repeat your strengths in your daily grind. Sort through earthly events with a cosmic focus. When you snap on the light in your bedroom before dawn, you actually take part in a divine invitation eons in the making. Where, or What, or even Why, is there God in all that Light action?

And, how are you a Light Bringer in what you do? God must not have changed Her mind about light giving, because, well, we still see light each dawn. Yes, I know, there are people, whole classes of persons, who only look at the light when the world around them is dark, but don’t quibble with me here. Light keeps lighting; feeding, illuminating and warming. Over and over, repetitively, incessantly, without skipping a beat. Every day needs light just like every body needs light.

The baby whose diaper you refresh today had the same need yesterday, more than once. Repeat the behavior for he cannot do it for himself yet. The machine you monitor, the processor that cannot proceed without you, the sales call you must make, again, the classroom of students with their battered egos and varied degrees of socialization must be faced again today.

Your life is like the directions on the side of a shampoo bottle. Apply. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

The simplest procedures require the most rigorous repetition to be effective. Sometimes we just have to find God in the bubbles.

Our lives are measured out in coffee spoons, T. S Eliot wrote. Measure by measure, a bit at at time, until we have just the right amount for brewing this time. From one Big Bang there come a billion 60 watt bulbs. Repeat, repeat, repeat. If we repeat something it is because it is durable, necessary and reliable. In all things today, all things that are durable, necessary and reliable, find again the Call of God to you.

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