Grace: Beginning Again

Rereading some Bible passages reminded me just how much of the Bible is about Beginning Again. You have to be “born again.” The old creature “passes away, all things are made new.”

So, at nearly 60, we are starting over in life. We have left some things behind, held on to our faith and to the friends who have proven to be friends. Our family is established. Joan and I work hard to create a legacy for the grandchildren now, five of them, with two more on the way.

We put in flower beds yesterday at our home. Then we got rose bushes, one for each of the grandchildren, to put in the beds and one for the ones on the way. We can always add, we think, but this seems a good time to make a gentle, peaceful transition into this very productive decade of our lives, the one from 60 to 70. Who knows how we will finish? We can’t know how it will all end. We can know how to begin it.

I trust God to make it alright.

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